We want to help you Plan a Visit to New Hope Baptist Church. Here are some advantages to planning a visit.

Meet a Friend!

As soon as you finish this registration form, your information will be passed on to one of our caring Visit Coordinators. They will contact you and help you through the visit process.

Meeting Place & Time

Your new contact will establish a time and place at the church to meet.  This will assure that you will not be left trying to figure it out alone.

Free Cafe Stop (Sunday Morning Only)

Every first time guest will receive a food item and drink free of charge at the cafe. This is a special little treat from the Pastor.

Meet the Folks

Your Visit Coordinator will introduce you to the pastor and some of our faithful people.

Save a Seat

We will have the perfect seat for you and your party. We want to make sure that you are comfortable and  familiar with what’s around you.


The Visit Coordinator is here to help. So, feel free to ask questions that will help prepare you for your New Hope experience.